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Add a deadline to revisions

Having a deadline holds the seller accountable and also allows me to schedule out any projects I’m working on.

I’ve noticed however that whenever I need a revision, there is no deadline for the revision. I know that popular sellers with many buyers go have to go through revisions which could overwhelm them and not hit their deadline on new orders, but for orders that need a revision it would be helpful if there was a deadline (even something as simple as letting the seller choose the deadline themselves).



I’m all for this, if and only if revisions start being limited. Right now a buyer can open a revision on any project, for any reason, regardless of the number of revisions offered.

If they changed the system (if I offer 0 revisions the buyer can’t even open one), then I would be ok with deadlines on them.


Thanks Visualstudios. That makes sense and would be great feature to add, so the sellers are not getting bogged down by constant revisions. As I’m sure sellers run into customers who they can never please.

From a buyers perspective, right now I’m waiting for my revision and received a message that they are working on it and they will reach out if they have any questions. Which is fine, but I don’t have a deadline which holds up the project and leaves me at a roadblock.

You can always message them and ask. It won’t be an enforceable limit, but they may be able to give you an idea.

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