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Add a direct message feature to contact buyers (users with no gigs on fiverr)

You have three “Pros” of the system you are proposing.

  1. Improve communication - I don’t see how. If a buyer wants something they contact you. If they order without contact, you can communicate on the order. The only other thing that could happen here is sellers contacting buyers without the buyer requesting it - that’s spam.
  2. Contacting buyers who don’t make clear Buyer Requests - A better solution to that would be allowing comments by sellers to ask questions, as is done on several other platforms.
  3. Exposing resellers - When you dismiss the spam point because it is a bad idea, and use the existing solution that is successful on other platforms for buyer requests, this is the only “Pro” left for your idea. However, You seem to think that discussing this is off-topic…

As for cons, you forgot the con where many buyers and sellers who buy here will simply stop using Fiverr for things because of the risk of their buyers being spammed. I know I wouldn’t buy here if this were implemented.

PS. I am not sure where you feel I spoke down to you but I can assure you it wasn’t intended to.


But that “pro” would be a Terms of Service violation. And unethical. Somebody honestly pays you what you’re charging, and then you go behind their back and try to ruin their business.

Speaking of Terms of Service violations, sellers are not allowed to message buyers unless buyers have messaged them first. If sellers do message buyers without buyers contacting them first, it’s spam, and they can be banned from Fiverr.


To be honest, the entire argument here seems to rest on two points:

  • It’s hard to get work from buyer requests.
  • Some people resell other sellers gigs.

The simple facts are as follows:

Bidding on buyers requests is as efficient a use of your time as learning to levitate. Rumor has it, it is possible. However, it is probably never going to happen. If you are hoping to get work this way, you also need to ask yourself why.

The vast majority of people who sell on Fiverr rarely if ever look at buyers requests. Doing so is like perusing a flea market where the literal thing you are only going to come away with is fleas. There are for-purpose bidding sites that are easier to use and aren’t populated by predominantly low-ball buyers.

It is by far more productive to focus on fine-tuning your gigs.

As for resellers, Fiverr does not prohibit reselling. Whoever orders from you gets exclusive use rights to whatever you deliver. If you are not happy with people reselling your work, you an say so in your gig and/or add a gig extra that people are require to purchase if they do want to resell your work.

All this direct messaging talk is like trying to swat a fly with a shovel. There is no need for it and someone could get hurt.

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The flea market was a great one, I’m new to Fiverr (have already satisfied all requirements to get to level 1 but still need to hit the 60 days old mark to get there) and didn’t know that buyers request section is such a hellish place.
Regarding the reseller issue, I’ve read many times on this forum that the “buy this extra if you want to resell” is just a honey trap since it would mean absolutely nothing and people would be able to basically resell even if don’t buy that extra. If fiverr says that what you sell is property of the buyer (and therefore he/she can do whatever he/she wants with it) I don’t think the “extra” workaround could be effective/legit.
Besides all the “I’m a reseller so if your idea threatens my earning that sucks and you suck too” and “fiverr says I can do it so deal with it, being a reseller is so cool” arguments, I understand that maybe this kind of feature could turn out to be a mass destruction weapon rather than an improvement in user communication but it’s really just a pity not being able to develop new ideas and features only because of the ones that are likely going to exploit them or use them improperly.

I suggest you reread what I said because you clearly have an issue with someone giving rational reasoned arguments. I never suggested it would cost me money, I said I wouldn’t buy on Fiverr anymore, which costs Fiverr money.

The reason I believe the idea isn’t good is not because of the millions of dollars I earn but because of its main premise which is to enable sellers to send spam to the clients of other people. It’s a huge breach of good faith and ethical behavior and simply unnecessary for the few who actually have a problem with it. Those with a problem with people reselling their work can say they don’t allow it in their gig description.

At no point did I insult you or suggest you sucked.


I waited some days to cool my nerves after some (gratuitously in my opinion) abrasive answers I got on the first days of publishing my (first) post.

(I also realized that these kind people have a habit of acting like this under almost any post they comment in this forum so I think (hope) that behavior was not really because of me but just a “matter of habit”)

If I have to find the silver lining of all of this, I also received some objective and normal answers but still I see many people “liking”, “following”, or whatever, the post without giving their two cents.

I’m afraid this forum is not quite what I expected, I hoped it could be more of a “spreading new ideas and concerns” platform or also somewhere where a newbie could learn something more.
If it really is already like that, then I must have done something wrong on my side.
But even if I know I can do mistakes too, I sense a little bit much of toxicity around here.

I hope this first impression has just been a stroke of bad luck.