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Add a feature to flag inappropriate buyer request content?


Buyer requests is flooded with inappropriate buyer requests (adult video, “foot model”)


People advertising their gigs for sale in the buyer request section.

Can you add a feature to flag these posts?


They have a Remove Request button but all it seems to do is remove them from view. Based on what CS told me, you have to take down names and screenshots to show them this is being done. Its crazy and tedious but hopefully it’ll be worth it; despite the abusers popping up like daisies soon after others are removed.


So far I think, Remove Request don’t do anything, it just removes from your list.

There should be a mechanism to report the request and an action should be taken by CS.


+1 Agreed. I can’t believe this post hasn’t received more likes or comments.


@abbyafarmer you are right, it is absolutely annoying… you posted this in July, and they still haven´t done anything about it… :roll_eyes: