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"Add a file attachment", "Send" and "Click here" buttons [ARCHIVED]

Hi fiverr team,
“Add a file attachment”, “Send” and “Click here” buttons are not working, any update please ?

Yep, same for me. Urgently need to deliver an order. Hope this can be resolved soon.

Well I’m glad using control+f5 worked for you arnevb, but when I do that my entire message just disappears and I’m back to square one.

I’ve tried multiple times with the same result.

I even compressed the file (zipped) even though the original was smaller than the max size allowed.

I also found out that their “Attach” Flash buttons were crashing on load

I am having problems tonight but Ctr F5 several times allowed me to deliver my clients family tree and documents on time

I think the buttons work once the files are finished uploading. The Send button is disabled until that happens. It takes a little patience.

I was getting error messages when trying to upload a file and it would not let me try again, that is why I Ctrl + F5

It happened to me once and I changed my browser from Chrom to Firefox and it got fixed! :slight_smile:

I am unable to attach a file…

It says “invalid file name” every time I attach a file… pls help

I had the same problem, Removing and kind of special symbols does the job for me!

viratxdoodle you are the winner! This definitely fixed it for me. Had to take out underscores and apostrophe’s! Thanks

Yes. It is definitely about the file name. Please check the file name of the file that you are going to attach. Then remove all the symbols, apostrophes and signs.

This MUST work. :)]

and Fiverr support should add facility to attach file names containing special characters.

I think your internet connection is slow. please cheek your internet connection.

Yes!! Just had the same problem. Removed all extra characters like apostrophes and digits and it uploaded fine!

Confirmed what viratxdoodle said: I removed the parentheses from my file name and it worked.

Did anyone attach a pdf file or excel file successfully? It only seems to upload word docs.

This is on an old thread that should be closed. Please re-ask your question in Conversations if you are still having problems.

askucc I cant even upload word docs. Can anyone please tell me what to do about it. I urgently need to deliver something

Man just read tbe previous comment!
Dont reply on old posts, post a newvone :wink: