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Add a PDF to improve your portfolio!


For every gig you can upload 3 images AND 2 Pdf files.
If you work with photography or designs I recommend using a PDF template like this one to show more of your work.

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That’s a great idea!

Where do you find .pdf templates? I have tried searching Google for them without much luck.


I used :grin:


Designers can design their own templates… GOod idea Manto


Good idea… I will try this…


Good idea. Thanks :yum:


Nice tips…Thank you


Great Idea. Thank you very much. :+1:


helpful tips thanks alot


Very very helpful tip. Thanks for sharing


I have uploaded a 12 page PDF Doc, but only first 3 pages are visible. Is this all?

Can anyone confirm if that is all that comes in the PDF?


They’re not really designed for large documents, if I use them, I use a one page word doc and convert it to pdf - nobody’s going to look at any more than one page.


Thanks! I have made 3 pages out of those 12 and created a new PDF which is uploaded now. Small, not properly visible, but I guess it would do the trick, nevertheless!!


Nice Idea :slight_smile:


Great Idea, Thank you!


How far has this really help in promoting one’s gig??


Hello @rosinjay,
Adding a portfolio is certainly a plus because it showcases previous jobs you have done, hence, it tells a buyer what they are expected to get from you. If it looks great, it might just be what makes the difference.


I would like to have a .PDF where each of these boxes is clickable and enlarges for a better view. Is that possible to do?


I’d like to be able to click on each of those images and the cake would appear in front of me as if by magic! :grinning:

It is possible in a pdf, but not in one we add to our portfolio - the Fiverr system would see it as one large image, rather than lots of smaller, clickable ones.


Does this help rank your gig better?