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Add a phone (talk) option here on fiverr

I have no problem ordering and paying fiverr but I have a problem that I cannot physically SPEAK to the person before ordering the gig; to make sure they understand what is needed. I recently did a Logo gig and the person did not read the attachment and did not do what I asked. They also misspelled my company name. They also inserted the fiverr watermark so the logos could not be seen clearly. ***** has the phone option on the site so that we don’t have to use skype or fb. Why are you afraid of us buyers talking to our workers? I hate wasting time on not being able to be exact and precise with wordings that the other person doesn’t understand either. Face to face phone chat could eliminate many problems before the work begins.

The Fiverr watermark disappears when the order is completed - it’s added automatically by Fiverr, it wasn’t added by your seller.

The chat/video chat option has been suggested several times in the past. If you have a search round the forum, you may be able to find the previous discussions. :sunny:

Here’s one you might find useful: