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Add a two packages option

Should there be a two packages option for gigs instead of 1 or 3?

  • Yes - there should be a two options choice.
  • No - 1 and 3 are fine.

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Sounds good but unsure that it’s really helps to increase sales :roll_eyes:

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The purpose isn’t to increase sales. For certain gigs you may only have two options for that gig and so you are forced to add a third option just to add the second one.

This eliminates that issue.


Easy way to create a 2 option package gig - create 3 option gig and overprice the third option :smile:

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:grin: You could do that but then you may end up with a big company buying your expensive package and expecting really complicated and high quality work that’s worth that price.


I think that serious buyers and companies must discuss all details before ordering expensive services.

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I agree that they should, but sometimes they don’t. I once had a $300 order with no communication at all beforehand.

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@balacafa It’s a great idea. I hope it helps our sellers community to display something difference.

I need the 2 packs option so badly. Can’t overprice the third one since that’d be weird. Can’t also fill the third pack with silly details, Like “Don’t buy this!” or “No one’s home!”. That would look stupid.


I just use the old option, one pack + extras… it’s fine teh way it is now.

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:heart_eyes::man_red_haired:1 options…

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What work arounds are being used? I am considering providing the identical package at two different prices. Fiverr does not allow two packages to have the same price. Another issue that should be fixed.

people dont wanna be forced to have to options that are similer but one is more expensive

what did you do at that time?