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Add a watermark disclaimer for buyer?


Hi everyone,
Quick suggestion: would it be possible to add a short disclaimer for buyers to explain that the watermark is added by Fiverr, not by the seller, to protect the seller’s property and that the delivered files will not have said watermark on them?

Lately I keep getting completed orders sent back in revision several times, because the buyer doesn’t understand that the watermark is only visible on previews.

I don’t know the buyer’s interface well enough to explain to them what to do to download their files, but maybe Fiverr could add a little notice near the watermark?

Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:


Hey (cool username!) :slight_smile: I fear that’s on your buyers, Fiverr did think of that (and they also tell buyers about the automatic order completion, which did delight me to no end as I used to tell buyers myself as precautionary measure :wink: ):


It seems there are many items posted on Fiverr that both sellers and buyers fail to read, like TOS for instance. Personally I have never had a revision request due to the watermark. :thinking:


Thank you for posting this. Looking at that it’s hard to understand why some buyers do not click on that green button that says “Accept and Review Order.” They let the order sit there and allow it to wait for the 3 days completion.


Thanks I picked this username because I usually work on Fiverr projects in the evening or at night :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks for posting this, I always wondered what it looked like from the other side :slight_smile:

Ok, so it’s just a case of people not reading the notices.

I’ll save that screenshot so that I can show it to my clients in the future!


I had 2-3 instances when buyer asked for revision to remove watermark and even some buyer asked revision to improve output quality, they think preview quality (low resolution) is the final delivery.
In case of video preview some time it looks horrible when Fiverr compress it. It would be great if they put a note for that as well.


Watermarks are for graphic/video gigs only, so, unless you start offering those services, you’re unlikely to ever encounter that problem. :slight_smile:


Oh my! :blush: I selected “activate watermark” under the gig tab. But after rereading it I see it does say “images.”


There are many times I face this types of question from buyer-
"Why there is a Watermark?
Can you remove the watermark?

I am very happy with your work plz remove watermark and complete the order" etc.
After facing this question, I simply tell my buyer-
“Don’t worry This is a process of Fiverr, after receive your order you’ll not see the watermark. If you see this watermark after completing your order then I am here to help you”

Afterthat, No buyer tell me about the watermark.



Yeah, I had that happen a couple of times. Hopefully it won’t be much of an issue now that I’m getting back on the platform.