Add an acceptance button to orders


Hello Fiverr team!
I wish you could add an acceptance button to orders, many times people rush with ordering and don’t supply me as their worker enough with content for work, but the countdown of order is ticking and as a result I have to write and ask again and again for content, information to fulfill the task or even cancel the orders.
Please add a button ,so seller could check if she/he has everything needed before the time starts ticking, no need for custom offers, thank you.


I second that. Please add a button to accept order! Thanks.


This is pretty big standing issue for all gigs, but it stands out for me with creative gigs. It can be next to impossible to deliver the customer 5 star quality work if they give 1 star information to work with. And the customers who do that are nearly always unresponsive or slow to respond. Giving an accept button not only will allow Fiverr’s sellers some peace of mind in offering fast turn arounds as a standard feature of their gigs but it will also allow Fiverr to begin keeping Metrics of buyers who abuse sellers by consistently offering too little information and negatively impact the sellers very public metrics.