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Add an online status

I think fiverr should introduce an online/offline status on fiverr account. It would be helpful for buyer and seller to communicate through fiverr living in different time zones.

That’s an awesome idea! Would be a great help.

Great idea, I even gave your idea a social share =)

They used to have something that gave you an idea of the last time a user was on, but that was removed for whatever the reason. Something needs to be updated to give buyers and sellers a more clear idea of when someones on. Online/Offline sounds nice, maybe even to go further to indicate the general days of availability so that buyers have an idea of when a user may be on next.

They should add this feature on PC or Windows too.

??? This feature is already working.

When I go to a Seller’s gig, or their profile, there is a flashing dot - telling me they are currently on Fiverr…!

Reply to @kjblynx: Thanks for explaining that.

I have seen NO FAQ nor any details about this feature, anywhere on Fiverr…?