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Add an option for 1$ tips with no Fiverr commission

This will be cool because

  1. Very few people would tip me 5$ when their project it self was for 5$ or 10$
  2. Since it will be only one dollar which can’t be tipped more than once, there will be very less chances of fraud.

    Edit: A wonderful idea from Nirob_19. there should be a badge for tips which the buyer will get!

I totally agree, a $5 tip for a $5 project just seems to good to be true. A $1 tip option would be wonderful but it sounds to good to be true, Fiverr wants to make money therefor I do not think they would even consider it. Though I think a lot more sellers would get tips this way!!!

I agree that a buyer would be more likely to leave a tip if they could choose the amount. Even at 1.00 Fiverr would get .20 which adds up with millions of gigs. If the buyer doesn’t tip, no one wins.

and buyer will may get badge according to Tip count :wink: and it will be visible in profile… So they will interested to spend money for tip

hey that really is a briliant idea !! fiverr should definitely do that.

I understand the need for to make money, they do a business like we do. Better actually. The 20% cut is always a painful reminder when you see what you actually earn from an order. Yet the 1$ idea is great, even if fiverr takes its cut.

Us buyer would be getting smaller tips but more often which can be a positive sign for everyone ! the badge stuff on the profile is another great idea. I really hope fiverr people read the forum around !

$1 tips would be awesome. I’d still be happy to pay 20% to fiverr for the privilege.

A lot of the time, it isn’t the monetary value of the tip, but more the fact that the buyer has taken time out of their day to commend you for your work. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. :smiley:

I support you! [-O

If Fiverr is taking a % of any tip that information should be conveyed, plainly noted right on the page. That is’t fair. I am a buyer and a tipper.

Wonderful! So happy to see that I am not the only one who feels this way!

I think that your suggestion is a good one but some buyers tip the lowest amount listed. So would you rather have 20 buyers tip $1 each with no commission OR 10 buyers who tip $5 with commission? $20 VS $40. Just my perspective, but who knows? Maybe.

I will be happy to get a tip whether it is a $1 tip or a $5 tip and I will be OK paying the commission as well, it is still extra money in my pocket!

A $1 tip? Come on, that’s nothing. You want a $5 tip. The guy who buys a gig for $5 can give you another $5. Better yet, have awesome gig extras, then it won’t matter if they don’t tip you.

I know I wouldn’t be very happy receiving just $1 tip…even if there are many buyers giving it, I prefer $5 from few, it shows they really loved my work as for $1 I’m not so sure… :slight_smile:

If it’s gonna be implemented but I doubt it, they could make an option to disable the $1 tip if some sellers want to keep the minimum amount for $5…