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Add Another Withdrawal Method (Payment)


Fiverr should Add few other parties to withdrawn money like

1st highly recommended Skrill (moneybooker)

2nd choice Western Union

because they both are Transferring Money to Almost all The countries and Paypal is not that much feasible in major countries they are not providing there Services.

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I can vote for one more method wire transfer directly to your account. We are having ACH facility here from Paypal but if you guys are having issue with Paypal, you can either get a Payoneer card but also a good wire transfer method can be a plus point.


I have no issue with Paypal so far, but Western Union should be a good addition $-)


Western Union is the perfect withdraw method for this website in my opinion.


moneybooker should be included… :slight_smile:


Reply to @startselect: Western Union offers very little protection for the person sending the money. Personally, I avoid that when sending money to anyone to make sure there is a paper trail and I could see Fiverr bosses wanting to stay away for the same reasons.


How about sending demand draft ? :-"


Most of us facing problem with Paypal because it is not available in most of the countries sure they have the facility of Payoneer Card But that card is too much expensive. and what will be the problem if Fiverr Add more withdrawn method like Western Union and Skrill(moneybooker) or any other if available.


I strongly recommend fiverr to include “moneybooker” payment gateway to withdraw money as soon as possible.


To avoid the high exchange rate costs imposed by Paypal/Payoneer for converting $US, I’m all for Direct Deposit into bank account (not just US), or Wire Transfer. Clickbank does this, so Fiver should be able to.

linkwheel_links said: having issue with Paypal
I would bet that other countries have payal affiliates which would be worth looking inot


Reply to @steve41: I also want the facility for direct deposit to local bank accounts. Before I receive my earnings it’s already been deducted from three times (Fiverr, Paypal and my local banks)


Well i think too many option will not be possible to add for withdrawing money but the most those which are popular like Paypal already added and Moneybookers and Western Union or anyone else if available


I agree,Western Union is cool


Reply to @thefacebookgeek: that is a great idea!


I have no problem with Paypal…works great for me. Then again, I didn’t know they didn’t cater to other countries.


Perhaps you should contact Paypal about offering the service where you live. I’ve had great success with them. I live on a tiny island in the middle of no where.



Reply to @steve41: Yep, I was going to suggest a direct bank deposit rather than going through another third party. Whatever we use - Western Union, Google Wallet, PayMate - there’ll be someone who can’t access it.


Most of us facing problem with Paypal because it is not available in most of the countries



Moneybookers . Paypal Sucks: