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Add Another Withdrawal Method (Payment)


Perhaps you should contact Paypal about offering the service where you live. I’ve had great success with them. I live on a tiny island in the middle of no where.



Reply to @steve41: Yep, I was going to suggest a direct bank deposit rather than going through another third party. Whatever we use - Western Union, Google Wallet, PayMate - there’ll be someone who can’t access it.


Most of us facing problem with Paypal because it is not available in most of the countries



Moneybookers . Paypal Sucks:


I want Western Union!


PayPal rules


Reply to @rodesigners: do you have any ideea how high WUs fees are? Are huuuuuge!!!<br /> Tu creca esti cu capu` :smiley: >:D<


I think Western Union is a terrible idea. It would be so easy to scam buyers you already receive the money via a western union transfer. The buyer has no recourse, sure you could contact fiverr customer support but most they could do is close the sellers account.

Not sure on Moneybooker but I am pretty sure it instantly deposits money to you again buyers have no recourse and either does fiverr


Please add something, anything just to avoid paypal…


@pixelgeek That’s not what they meant. Buyers would still pay via Paypal, but once the buyer is satisfied, and the order is marked complete, western union would be used as a withdrawal method, not as a payment processor.


Skrill (Moneybookers) is an excellent and proven payment processor with 32.1 million members. No fees for receiving funds and only 1.80 EUR fee to withdraw the desired amount on my Bank Account / Credit Card.

If websites like Ebay and Bwin can offer a support for Skrill, I don’t see a reason why Fiverr shouldn’t do that too. It’s an option which is many, many times better than the Payoneer Card which produces a very high fees from which some are hidden (like the “inactivity for more than 30 days” fee - I read about it in their ToS).

I’d love to see Skrill added as an alternative withdraw method. I’m 100% sure that almost every Serbian and Montenegrin here would love that too (another 2 countries besides Macedonia which are not supported by Paypal).


I saw mention above about global availability. I just wanted to comment that the Fiverr Revenue Card, powered by Payoneer, is available to over 200 countries.

This card is a debit MasterCard card, and can be used to make purchases online, in stores, and at ATMs worldwide.


How can I add any of payment method to my account? Can not find. When i was creating account here I didnt have paypal or payoneer. Now I would like to add payoneer to my account. How can I do it? Paypal is not working for my cards.


Reply to @tn5rr2012:

tn5rr2012 said: I would bet that other countries have payal affiliates which would be worth looking inot

Affiliates will always get a commission and this translates to huge fees. I withdraw Paypal through an affiliate and they charge me a whooping 15% of the total amount, get the picture?


Reply to @publicsview: Cu ‘capu’ esti tu :slight_smile: Probabil cu ambele


Fiverr needs to really break the International Boundary BOUND by adding Liberty Reserve as well.

PayPal is just zero and in my own words ‘RACIST’.

I would not want fiverr to follow such footstep at all.

Google is where it is today because Racism is not found in it Lexicon!!

And to the Lords Of Fiverr reading this tread now and my comment here, taking the Rigth step(s) at the right time is mandatory for an FIRM to Remain a Big Player in any Niche. Remember the competitors too are striving to make there platforms better.

You know not tomorrow.


Reply to @svaranovich: If you have the Fiverr Revenue Card available as a withdrawal method for your Fiverr account, simply select this method and you will be directed to an online application page.


Moneybookers (Skrill) is the best payment processor, I ever experienced. I have been using their services for years now. And, I would say without any doubt that they provide their service at a very Low Fee and the Funds get transferred to my bank account in just 2-3 days. And now they get transferred within JUST ONE day, after I have been using the IBAN.

My country and many other countries have been a victim of Paypal because of their biased policies. I would like Fiverr to integrate Moneybookers option, so that we can avail its benefits.

Regarding Payoneer. Yes, that option can be used but it’s a bit expensive as compared to our earning on Fiverr.

My Vote for Moneybookers (Skrill). The BEST PAYMENT PROCESSOR. And regarding the Customer Support , its excellent.


moneybookers or visacard is very iimportant


Reply to @mohsinn1: Thanks for sharing your feedback! Please note that the cost wo withdraw from Fiverr to the card is only $1.