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Add Budget Field to Buyer Requests

I’ve seen buyers mention their dislike of being asked about their budget and that they’ll ignore any sellers who do, only responding to ones who give them a quote upfront.

It’s common practice throughout freelance markets to require (or encourage) buyers to include budget/compensation when posting their projects and I think Fiverr should do the same with buyer requests by adding a field for it.

The buyer might only write something like TBD, but it would help to establish the same mindset here that informing freelancers of your budget for a job is normal, so a seller wanting to know what your budget is doesn’t make them a scam artist.

More importantly, there have been enough problems on here with sellers being accused of bait and switch for quoting one price, then raising it after the buyer indicates needing additional work. The person at fault in those situations is pretty straightforward when dealing with gigs directly.

But with buyer requests, buyers have very little space to explain what they need done, which means there will likely be details left out for brevity that may affect how much you’d charge.

Quoting them a price upfront without having the full picture is just asking for trouble and you have just as little room in your offer to explain any differences. Since requests don’t always match your gig descriptions exactly, the pricing information you have on the gig you’re submitting might also be inadequate (or irrelevant).

I just think it would make sense to add that field so buyers who already wanted to post their budget can do so in a uniform way and the rest can be reminded that hiding the compensation isn’t necessarily the norm.