Add code so our images can't be copied?


Some websites have some way of blocking images from being copied.
It seems to be some simple code.

After finding my images with my name on them on another site, it occurred to me this may be something that could be done on fiverr to prevent this.


I wish there was a :tophat: :rabbit: magical solution. :expressionless:

I mean it could deter the crooks.

However, it’s still not thievery foolproof. There are many ‘creative’ ways for the thieves to snag pix. I mean, look at the gigs that offer watermark removal. Happens all day and every day online. I’ve dealt with Instagram/FB pic bandits, who lack confidence and think it’s cool to steal pix of females and use it as their own. :roll_eyes:

The struggle is real!


I would have thought no one would steal my graphics if my name is on them in big letters but there they are, name and all, on other sites, including the name “fiverr”! and including some graphics I sent to clients after they ordered.

There is definitely a way to block all copying of graphics, I’ve seen it.


Anything that´s simple to implement, is good. We don´t simply not use passwords or “12345” (I assume :wink: ) either just because they arent foolproof.

At least it will deter some and keep others busy for longer. Perhaps they’ll only impersonate one person instead of two. Or only 50 instead of 100 or however many they have on their list.

Lord make it rain imagination, please, so they all can have their own.


Yeah, there’s a no right click script.

They never steal pix like this:

Yes! Hopefully, for 40 days and nights. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes but that is easy to get around but there is something that there is no way to get around. More complicated code. Many sites use it now.


I dream up my passwords like this


:grinning: Thank you for that, I will just use the one you gave us.


Code won’t help as there are other means for obtaining images without use of simply copy and pasting. Made that discovery accidentally while searching for illustration references. Found a really nice pic on a site but didn’t see the artist. After some searching I found them and saw that the safety measure they had on the image was removed.

A possible option would be to include an overlay of sorts with a signature watermark in lattice fashion. Wish it were simpler.


Or you can add your name to the image, in a place that’s not easy to Photoshop away.

Personally, I wish Fiverr would provide us with gig images. I’m tired of hiring other people to do this for me. It’s also unfair to those of us with no graphic design skills.


It’s crazy, isn’t it? Some sellers just don’t seem to care.

It’s like when some newbies steal a TSR’s pic, with the TSR logo emblazoned on it, despite the fact they have zero reviews.


Here is the image he stole of mine:


He has other images of things he is selling with an elderly man’s photo on it by the name of “ram”. It’s like the person doesn’t care that other people’s images have their names and pictures on them.


That’s my point, if “Miss Cyrstal” was in the center, next to the figure’s heart, the image would be harder to steal.

It sucks that this happened to you, it’s an amazing gig image, might even make a great t-shirt, the woman with the star behind it.


That would keep newbies away, but not really effective.

Would you mind sharing a link? Out of curiosity I’d like to check it :slight_smile:
Unless you put a huge watermark on it, I doubt there’s any script you can use from taking the image. There are forums where developers find out copyrighted content and try to see how easy it is to get it. It’s like a fun sport for them :slight_smile:

Although making it a little harder would keep certain newbies away.


If I understood @misscrystal correctly, the thief is using the image with her name and TRS badge on it. They didn’t bother to remove it. In cases like that one, making her name harder to remove wouldn’t change anything.


It’s an anti-hotlinking technique, and has to be implemented at server level.

The web server is told to refuse to serve your images (or to serve another image, and here you can have some fun) when the request comes from a foreign site.

In other words your server accepts to serve misscrystal.jpg in response to a request like http://yourdomain/misscrystal.jpg, but rejects a request like http://baddomain/misscrystal.jpg returning an error 403 (Forbidden), or serving another image.

On Apache it’s a directive like this:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^$
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http(s)?://(www\.)? [NC]
RewriteRule \.(jpg|jpeg|png)$ - [NC,F,L]

On Fiverr, however, pictures are on different place: in a CDN (Cloudflare), that is - rough definition - a network of external servers arranged to serve static files (like pictures) faster.

You can’t prevent someone from downloading a copy of misscrystal.jpg from http://yourdomain/misscrystal.jpg, though; unless you block the IP of the stealer, the bad guy has the option to upload misscrystal.jpg on his own dirty server.

The right click scripts and alike are easily circumvented: you just need to look at the source code of the page, or download the whole page.


There is an online newspaper that has it set so you can’t copy anything at all including text.


I :heart: the image, btw. It’s really weird that he is a MALE and is totally fine with Miss Crystal on it. I mean he could’ve changed it to Mr. Crystal or something, obviously no shame in his game. smh

Yeah. That’s why I never bothered using it. :smiley:


I wonder if the thief is getting orders? Buyers can clearly see it’s a stolen image, I wouldn’t buy from someone like that.


I’m curious about that, too. I wouldn’t be surprised if they do get a few orders; some people are clueless, or lack any relevant experience, and might only notice a colorful mystical picture and a shiny golden badge.