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Add Feature for Seller to accept Buyer Order or not

My name is Muhammad Jawad Abbasi. My suggestion related to the order accept or decline option for the seller to accept the buyer order or not. Please add this feature to Fiverr website.

Muhammad Jawad Abbasi


I would say no, because if buyer wants order to be delivered within 1 day, he would also need to wait for seller approval, which could take ages.


But if he is available then he will accept quickly. This will also ensure his availablity.
Other plateforms highly recommend this and give seller an opportunity to make their own way.


Not all the sellers offer the 1 day delivery option. I also had many buyers who didn’t read the gig description, they placed the order, they completed the order’s requirements wrong and then they didn’t reply anymore.
The correct thing to do is cancel the order (but this affects my rating without having any fault) or deliver it (which is against the fiverr policy because the order should not be delivered as blank). So whatever we do, the sellers are affected.
At least the countdown for the order should not start until the seller agrees that the requirements have been completed ok. It just shouldn’t start automatically without the seller’s agreement.


I completely agree with you there would be an option to accept or decline Order for seller.


I support you. I think adding this option will be beneficial not only for sellers but also buyers.


They should have something like that - or minimally something that stops the clock, until the seller confirms they have all the requirements they need to start and finish and order.

I don’t like that the clock starts after the buyer submits requirements ( or the wrong retirements), because sometimes they disappear until their order is due - and, I have had to cancel and be late - waiting for an unresponsive buyer.

Pretty frustrating.


I would only like this option if the buyer has super low ratings from sellers, then yes, I would agree.

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We’ve discussed many times in the forum why this will never happen. I encourage you to read those threads.

Fiverr is a marketplace and no marketplace works the way you’re seeking.


No marketplace vets patrons before letting them buy and then gives some patrons different privileges than others. That probably isn’t even lawful and it’s certainly poor business.

Are you working for fiverr?

Are you working for fiverr?
I have noticed the way you comment on people’s post.

No. I am a seller like all of you.

All I do is tell the truth about how business works. That tends to involve dispelling a lot of myths people have about what they think they should be able to do on Fiverr.

I tell it like it is. That shouldn’t make you suspect I work for Fiverr. Facts about business don’t suggest bias. They suggest reason.

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I understand but sometimes you reply to other people in a harsh way without even knowing or understanding their problems. I’m very sure fiverr hasn’t disappointed you that’s why.

I always read people’s post here. I myself I’m a victim of this disappearing of gigs to the back. Mine happened last year November.i joined fiverr July .i just spent only 4months and I was asked to verify, I did my verification immediately my gigs where sent to the back. Lol… Is this business?
I still try to use buyer requests, I thought maybe if I attain level two everything would be normal… Now I’m a level two seller I’m still no where to be found.

Let me know if this is business strategy too

You know that I’m not saying Fiverr’s business strategy is to make you fail. Come on. :joy:

Lol… But that’s just it we just have to support each other here, I know some people don’t know how to express their feelings so when they post it looks as if they are attacking fiverr. You always reply harshly that’s why you see that people always attack you. We just need to view things from the person perspective. In my own case I don’t know what to do again. I have contacted customer service and nothing good has come out of it.

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I never see that people attack me. Ever.

I just noted that you completely mischaracterized my argument in an attempt to discredit me. But I’m he one who’s harsh. K.

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I think buyer’s rating dosen’t matter a lot with respect to a seller’s rating.