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Add Feature To Know if You Had a Previous Conversation With a User [ARCHIVED]


The title says it all. I believe there’s already a feature to know if you had sales from a certain user while viewing his/her profile. In the same way, is there any way to know if you had talked with that user before?


That would be helpful. There have been a few people who have placed orders and I’ve recognised the screen name. I’ve had to go through my list of messages to see if the person has PMd me in the past but there are so many in there that it’s not always easy to find.


@aingham69 That’s my problem too.

@madmoo Never thought about that method. Thanks for the tip except for the triple x thing :slight_smile:


If I have had a previous convo with a client and they order from me, it will give me an alert, also if we continue messaging each other I can see the history of that conversation