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Add more than 7 gigs for level 0 sellers

Why can’t Fiverr let level 0 sellers add more than 7 gigs? I’m trying to get to level 1 but it is a struggle lol. I haven’t been able to sell more than 7 gigs since January. Can you Fiverr support guys please let us level 0 sellers sell more than 7 gigs? I have so many ideas that I want to implement and offer to my clients but I can’t if I am stuck with only 7 gigs to offer.
Please leave a heart on this post so Fiverr support can see it LOL I would really appreciate it


Your gigs might be unique, but a lot of newbies on level 0 don’t know how to manage their gigs. They create duplicate gigs and it’s really frustrating to go through them as a buyer.

You might be an exception, but I don’t think level 0 should be able to make 10+ gigs that offer basically the same service. Restrictions can’t be adjusted based on a few sellers who have dropped to level 0.


It really bums me out. Maybe 10 gigs would be better than 7 atleast. Restricting your gigs to only 7 just reduces your visibility to find clients, make less money, and offer less to the website in general.
What if a new graphic designer hops on the site and is talented at many things but is unable to visibly display themselves on the site because they are only restricted to 7 gigs?

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I’d say that these what if scenarios are exceptions. If I look at the marketplace today then I mostly see newbies on level 0 who spam the market with duplicate gigs.

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But Fiverr checks each gig and makes sure they aren’t duplicated, unethical, etc. anyways.

There’s no restriction to have duplicate gigs.
You won’t be a TRS because that involves manual check, but there’s no automatic check as far as I know. If there is then it’s not working.

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It’s so weird not seeing you at any level. I can’t remember if you were a TRS or just a lvl 2?

I’m not a BIG fan of (SLBD) Saint Levels Blah Day. It sucks!

Being demoted means having to choose which gigs to keep and losing the gig extras.

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It is wonderful to see someone as creative as you… Brimming with idea. :wink:

I, on the other hand, am finding it hard to even set up 2 gigs cuz of lack of ideas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: jk… I have some ideas… But I am gonna implement them once I graduate :man_student: (which is probably going to happen soon!) :smiley:


Not true, I remember last year one of my gigs mistakenly got marked as “duplicate” and was paused. Had to message CS to fix it.

And with the TRS, I don’t care about that lol. I should of probably gotten TRS way back - in the end if I am making good monthly income then I will be content.

There can be random check, but there are literally hundreds of gigs that are using stolen content. Change a few words and you’re good to go.
Plus, even right now it took me less than 2 minutes to find logo designer that has duplicate gigs. Only difference was in the portfolio, but the description & pricing is the same. Considering that both gigs have 40+ reviews I doubt he has received any warnings.

Anyway, level 0 is meant for newbies and before they understand how the system works they shouldn’t be able to spam the market even if they have 100 great ideas :slight_smile:

This level is not meant for you. So if your ask would be to keep the gigs when downgraded then I’d give thumbs up, but I can’t support giving 10+ gigs for every newbie (including mek-sells)

I was a level 2 and was downgraded lol but I understand your point. The level I have is for newbies. Wish they didn’t take my ability of pausing my gigs, really lame.

The level help page also says the limit is for the number of active gigs in each level, but the system won’t even let an unleveled seller create a new gig if they have just 6 active gigs if they have >7 (or >=7?) in total.

I suggest FIverr should charge $5/month for per gig for 0 level sellers (or for all) . :wink:



I would vote for that :stuck_out_tongue:
Charge $5 per gig and get rid of the service fee.

Having more gigs doesn’t guarantee more income. I’m a level 2, have a 13 gigs, and my earnings aren’t significant.

Not always. If the gig is appealing, sought after, and has fairly good reviews then chances are people will buy it - and often will even purchase the other gigs you have as well. The more gigs they buy the more $$ you will make.

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No comment on Service free. Adding premiumship will reduce a lot of mek sells. How about if Fiverr assign a ad Fee on My Fiverr Gig category posting :smiley: :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face:


I wish I could dislike this a million times because I would.

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image image

:arrow_up: This is a great idea! LOL :rofl:

Your previous comments made me wonder if you had turned on us… and had jumped over the fence… and got promoted to Fiverr staff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: