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Add More Videos And Images For One Gig

Isn’t annoying that you can’t add more than one video of photo to a gig?

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You can add several photos. I currently have two on my newest gig that sells bookmarks.

As for videos, I’ve only found the need for one, and when it’s been on the gig a while, it can always be changed.

This gig has more than one video:

Anybody know how you do that?

I think, the video order you have delivered may be set as preview in your gig

Reply to @umerrammay1989, @selecteo, @rodionu:

I actually agree with this suggestion especially for specific gig categories. I know that Fiverr added the opportunity to include legal privileges with illustrations so they have the opportunity to create categories specific changes. Maybe they can add that gigs under the “Video & Animation” can add more than one video to their gig instead of three images? Just a thought. :slight_smile:

As far as people who have multiple videos, Umerrammay1989 is right, when a video maker uploads a video to a client that video will be available to be viewed by everyone if the gig owner has “Live Portfolio” activated for that gig.

Hope this helps!


Reply to @selecteo: no. those are his works/orders. One gig can add only one video yet, as far as I know.

I like, if one gig can add some more videos. Just a suggestion… may be only for video creating gigs…? :slight_smile:

Its really backwards. I am told the only way I can show more than one video sample, is if I sell one. Well how can I sell an example if I can’t display it? Its really stupid.