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Add New My Gig In Fiverr

Hello my brothers and my sisters,
I am new here, and I need some help if yoi can.

Firstly How can I add My New GiG from mobile ?

Secondly : I would like to ask I there’s Department here for buyers asking for some services what they need or there’s no here?

Thanks everyone for helping.

welcome to fiverr community

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Welcome to fiverr and fiverr community. Firstly you have to make gig on Computer and gig can’t not be published via mobile ( I think soo, Because Onece I tried to create a gig via mobile but were unable)
2nd you have to apply on jobs and hope to get order as soon as your luck and your proposal attracts the clients.
Hope this will help you to understand

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Thanks bro
Best lucky

Thanks bro for helping
First point it’s 100% clear for me
And please how can apply for jobs?

After creating gigs, you will get “Buyer Requests” there they explain what they need to be done. You have to bid their request.

Thanks brother for helping

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