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Add option to AUTO-SUBMIT after UPLOAD

I deal with large project files. I don’t like having to wait around for the file to upload to hit submit. Please add an option to auto submit the delivery once the current upload is finished.


Good idea :100: :+1:

Honestly, I would disagree on this suggestion. If it existed, there would be a big wave of sellers complaining that they accidentally delivered the work, bugs would make it more worse, like always.

How big is the size of the files? 100mb? 1GB?
Just invest $5-$10 more on a better internet plan and the speed of upload would only be a few seconds and you wouldn’t have any problems with faster internet.

And if it’s not an option for you, instead of waiting for the files to be uploaded, just leave the delivery page open and concentrate on another order, as simple as that.

The delivery button is just an extra confirmation before delivering the order to make sure all the files are in place and I don’t see anything bad about it. Besides, I would have a bigger headache to re-deliver the order and re-upload all the files again if the system thinks I had delivered all the files and it would deliver straight away.

Honestly, I would disagree with your disagreements. For one, I explicitly stated “an option” which would typically imply off by default.

People who are going “accidentally deliver work” will accidentally deliver work regardless of this option being available. You are looking at this from a worst case scenario look by inserting bugs straight into the equation.

Careful friend, your privilege is showing. But lets assume everyone lives in an area like presumably you and myself with high upload and download speeds (which I do have by the way), it doesn’t matter what your data plan is, if you are bottlenecked by the fiverr servers, which do to geographical location, tend to not be very fast in many parts of the world.

A 900mb upload, depending on the time of day and traffic on fiverr, has taken me between 1.5-2 hours to upload here on the west coast… and if I’m trying to sleep after delivering a project, I would much rather upload and forget.

“This feature wouldn’t benefit me so I don’t want anyone to have it” nice.

Again you’re assuming everything will be broken.