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Add Packages bad or good idea

Fiverr introduced this new feature and in my opinion did not think about it properly. Now when you go to a gig you do not see the gig description and instead see the prices which is silly. It is like seeing the prices of a car before even knowing what the car looks like.

I would like to know what people think of it and also why did fiverr not think about this properly. Why are they putting the new packages above the description of the gig instead of below and why put it on people’s gigs when they did not even ask for it.

If you want to change the delivery time of your gig, you automatically get this new service if you want it or not

Your thread was a better fit for “Conversations” and was moved. I am sure you will get a lot of great answers here :wink:

I can tell you why they were introduced. Sellers need a neat easy way to offer various prices and services since so many buyers were simply buying the $5 basic gigs without the extras.
I agree that it bypasses the description. It works well for some categories like design with basic offerings throughout all the gigs. In the case of other types of gigs without cookie cutter offerings it may not be the best choice.

I urge buyers to get my extras but other sellers don’t do this as much as they should. An option to have a higher basic price would help a lot without the packages in my opinion.

I have been torn on whether or not to change my gig page to packages. So far, most of my buyers come from buyers requests and my quotes are pretty much custom prices, so I haven’t had a need yet to offer packages.

But I have encountered a few issues with the old formatting on my gig page. I have tried to edit my gigs (adding more extras, changing a description, etc) and when I go to save my changes, it won’t let me by-pass the packages upgrade.

It looks like if you want to make any changes at all to your gig page, you must first accept packages or keep your gig page as it is. Sad, but true.

I think making it optional would be better. That way sellers could give it a try but revert to the old way if it doesn’t work as well for them.

I do not understand why fiverr did not make it optional or why it was not thought through properly. Why put the prices above the content. It does not make sense

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