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Add PayPal Account


Why I failed to receive the email from Fiverr in order to add my Paypal account? What should I do? Thanks.




I’m going crazy; my revenue is available to withdraw, and I click the PayPal withdrawal button and then Fiverr asked me to verify my phone No. I’ve followed all steps; and then Fiverr said they will send me email to instruct me to add my PayPal account; big problem is they DID NOT send me email!???

So, I tried to contact the “customer support”; and I submitted request. Big problem again!!! I need to verify I’m human; but it’s blank there; there’s nothing for me to see; so, Fiverr said " THE CAPTCHA verification failed"!!! Gosh, I cannot even contact Fiverr to ask what’s the problem!!!


You can try to Tweet @Fiverr support for an “immediate” response.

Explain your situation as clearly as possible.

Best of luck.


Thanks for your reply; so, I need to register a Twitter account.


If you can’t access the support center via this link:

Get in touch with Fiverr through Twitter.


:sob: I cannot register Twitter account.


Why not?


it’s about my country.


My country doesnot allow us to get direct access to twitter.


I really feel for you. At this point there’s not much you can do. Do you have access to Facebook? Try that.


Thanks for your reply. One Fiverr friend contacted Fiverr and told them about my problem; hope I could get mails from Fiverr soon.