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Add requirements for you gig

I’ve never thought about using this feature untill a few weeks ago. Doing so had made my life as a seller soooo much easier. Now I get clear instructions from every buyer, and the great thing is that the countdowen won’t start before the buyer filled all the requierments. No more buyers ordering a 24 hours gig and only send you the instructions after 12 hours!

I highly recommend this feature to any seller here on Fiverr.


You can set that while creating a new Gig.

Right. For some reason I wasn’t aware of it. Maybe they didn’t have this feature when I first created my gigs (almost 3 years ago)? I don’t really remember. I found out about it by mistake, when I was editing one of my gigs.


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Last night I saw a blue icon that said BUYERS, next to it was a increased number, where can I find it?


This was a really useful tip because I had no idea how to use the ‘requirements’ section when making my Gig. Like I knew what the word meant but I didn’t know that it could help stop buyers from sending their instructions in late.


Glad I could help!

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yes i always set Buyer Instruction in Our all gigs, then buyer easily understand what i need for work start. :slight_smile: Thanks

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Thank you.

Yes, it’s a great feature!

Happy to help!

Thats so nice

Perhaps Mods removed that SPAM post but by mistakenly left my reply. LoL.

I’ve had a few buyers who did the equivalent of this - go to a store, leave money on the counter with a note of address for home delivery.
And that’s it.
What do they want to buy? What would they like delivered? They won’t tell me. All I know is that I have 24 hours to do it.
So yes, that’s why I love buyer instructions - the clock doesn’t start until they give you all the info you need.

I found this feature usefull too.
I just used it couple days ago and like what you said, now there is no buyer who gave instructions near the deadline time.

It’s a nice feature to help us get more detailed of what we need to do.

Yeah, it used to happene to me all the time! I had to cancel too much gigs for this reason, and I’m afraid it might affected my gig rating on search results.