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Add second language for Voice Over

Hello guys,

I am a Voice Over artist here on Fiverr and I’m doing voice overs in both English and Greek. The gig language is set in English now, but I would like to add Greek as well, because if people put filters in their searches I don’t show up in Greek.
Is there a way to add both languages in the gig info so I show up when people search for either Greek or English filter?

Thank you in advance!


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Maybe in your keywords you could put Greek voice over?


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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to answer.
It is on both my keywords and gig title. If people search on the search bar “greek voice over”, it will show up. But if they search using filters (Music & Audio → Voice Over → Female → Adult → Greek) it doesn’t show. Because my gig language is set to English. I can’t choose two languages so I show up with filters, can I? :confused: