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Add Social Media on Fiverr

After disabling my Fiverr account, can I use the social accounts again that I already used in my Fiverr account?
Please drop your valuable comments if you know that topic very well.
Thanks for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

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You social media accounts are yours. Why would you need permission from us, or Fiverr, to use your own social media presence?


I’m curious did you create a new 5r account?

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Many people say that social Account cannot be used the second time. And if they use then Fiverr account becomes disabled. so that I asking

Yes. My old account was disabled :disappointed_relieved:

OK, so before creating this new account, did you ask CS for their permission?

:disappointed_relieved: Am I making a mistake?

Well, if 5r disabled/banned your previous account. It would be in your best interest to ask them for their permission. I’ve seen people create new accounts and shortly, thereafter, they were ban, too.

thanks for you valuable comment, i will do this

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Seriously? Who keeps telling people this utterly terrible advice? :roll_eyes:

Those “many people” are wrong. And I can guarantee that your Fiverr account being disabled, does not mean you have to disable your social media accounts. Nor does your social media account use result in your Fiverr account being disabled (unless you are using that account to break Fiverr’s rules).

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No you can’t use any email adress or social media contacts if you have used it any other Fiverr account.