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Add subscription to website

Hi I’m new here. I have an existing website with Ionos but I need a subscription option adding to it. I’ve been told this can be done through Wordpress but I’m very overwhelmed by all the options available to me. I would like someone to add what I need to my website and do what needs to be done and then I can take the reigns back after. Would anyone on here like to give me a quote? Website is: www.************

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Hi there @carinafordham, Firstly welcome to Fiverr… second, get rid of your link now, other links that have nothing to do with Fiverr is against Fiverr rules. If I were you I will get rid of it ASAP before you get flagged!!!

Welcome to Fiverr

Warmly, Humberto



Oh typical, I’ve done something wrong on my first post! Thanks for the heads up, I’m still a bit naive on here!

Muahahaha @carinafordham don’t you worry is not the end of the world, do you know how many times I got flagged my first 2 weeks here on Fiverr…hmmm can’t even remember, too many times.:rofl: So you’re definitely not the first and certainly not the last… :rofl::joy::sweat_smile:


Nah… That’s okay. It is just that the forum is not the place to solicit/look for sellers to work on your project.

You need to use the buyer request feature on Fiver’s homepage for that. When you use this feature to post a request with the project details and your requirements, seller offering relevant services can then submit offers in response to your request. You can then select a seller from that list.

However, if I were you, I would not look for a seller via the buyer request as there is a much lesser chance of finding a good seller via the buyer request feature. This is because good sellers usually already have a good amount of work on and so they don’t really look at the buyer request section for additional work. So, it is possible that good sellers may not respond to your buyer request. In my opinion, you will have better luck finding a good seller by using Fiverr’s in-built search.

If I were looking for a seller, I’d use Fiverr’s in-built search/sellers’ listings to look for a seller.

Here’s a screen shot of Fiverr’s homepage indicating the buyer request feature as well as Fiverr’s in-built search that you can use to find the seller of interest:

Good luck! :sunny: