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Add support for bKash gateway for payment withdrawal

Bangladeshi sellers are one of the major part of all sellers in Fiverr. But PayPal doesn’t support Bangladesh. Even after giving a promise to open PayPal in Bangladesh in 2017, they introduced Xoom instead of PayPal. The Xoom website is very buggy. And also Payoneer requires a lot of hassle in Bangladesh to withdraw payments. It would be very good if Fiverr supported bKash. Fiverr can contact bKash at BRAC bank contact address.


It would be very helpful for us.

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Fiverr should consider this adding bangladeshi payment gateway

Great idea bro :grinning:
At least we all the sellers of Bangladesh should standout with this issue.
I personally think everybody should mail to Fiverr Support regarding this issue.
Or the they can introduce Bank Transfer option who provide international MasterCard/CreaditCard in Fiverr Revenue Dashborad.

It will be great if fiverr add bkash in their payment system.