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Add support to choice a gig in buy request

I have 7 gigs all related with HTML but all is very diferent things. When send an offer in most of cases my gig is not have anything about request. Its cool if i can choice what gig i want advertise.

Sheriff’s Note: Moved.

I agree, it would be awesome because a lot of the time when I click on Buyer Requests I just walk away if my default gig doesn’t match. We only get to choose from gigs that match the Category the user inputs when they submit the request. It is what it is, I guess :wink:

This has come up previously…try a forum search.

I think it was a temporary bug. It happened to me, also, but then it stopped happening and I could pick from all my gigs which to present the buyer. I figured the techies had updated some compatibility issues on the Fiverr site (I’ve had lots of issues since ver. 2 which seem to slowly be going away).

As a solution for right now? Try using a different browser, try clearing your cache & cookies and logging onto the site again. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you~!