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Add "weekdays or days" option to gig and custom offer delivery time

This has been hinted, requested and discussed for the past 7 years.

There’s many common questions:

  • Whose holidays are we going to observe?
  • What weekend are we going to use?

But there’s only one way to kickstart the development and implementation of a new feature: defining a scope.

We don’t need much, just the option to choose if we are going to work on Saturday and Sunday or not.

4 years ago when I was just starting here at Fiverr, I would have worked 24/7. But now, as I’ve grown my business and my reputation, I no longer need to be 24/7 on Fiverr nor I want to work from Monday to Sunday.

If only when setting up my gigs and sending custom offers I could select if the numerical value I type is is for consecutive calendar days or for week days only (Mon-Fri). And I do want to keep both options: I’m willing to work on weekends if I know I will be available or if the job is particularly big or urgent; but I would like to be able to define deadlines that take weekends into account so I can have peace of mind during the weekends.

The logic would be pretty simple:

  • If the option selected is “Calendar Days”, just use the traditional Fiverr countdown
  • If the option selected is “Week Days”, then take this into account when calculating the deadline.

E.g.: I send a custom offer with a deadline of 5 Week Days. The customer accepts the offer on a Tuesday. The deadline would be next Tuesday (5 week Days + Sat + Sun).

If you think this is a necessary feature, please like this post and comment. Hopefully it will get the attention of the mods/staff.



That would mean you have delivery time periods all for the same price.

I don’t think that matters on a custom offer - a custom offer is basically a negotiation where the buyer agrees to a specific set of terms.

I wonder if this feature will come with ‘off the shelf’ purchases direct from the market place where no custom offer is sent?

An option for sellers to choose if wanted that adds a weekend extra price might be an idea too.
Buyers would get displayed that their order would be more expensive if the seller will have to work on it and/or deliver over the weekend, and then can decide if it’s urgent enough to pay a higher price or if it can yet wait a day or two longer.


I love this idea. We had a buyer contact us early yesterday (Sunday) morning asking us to complete a full video for them by lunchtime that same day, and got really snippy when we (very transparently) doubled the quote we would have offered had he have asked on a weekday. He couldn’t seem to understand why we’d want more money to drop everything on an otherwise lazy Sunday morning.

Actually, the more I think about this the more I like it! We find that a lot of our buyers place orders late Friday, so that the work is with them on Monday, ready for the week ahead. Obviously not an issue as we know this is how Fiverr operates, but we then inevitably have to work the weekend, and the buyers almost never respond to messages again until Monday morning.