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Added Videos to gig


I have added some quality gig explanations videos to my fiverr profile. Will it make more sales as they fiverr mentioned ? :slight_smile: Really excited to get some positive results soon


There are no guarantees that anything you post in your gigs will “make more sales”. There are no guarantees whatsoever here on Fiverr.


It’s fine boss ! just trying to make every gig perfect and continue a good freelancing career


It’s also important to respond to clients quickly and keep them in the loop while you are working on their gig. Communication is extremely important.


Hmmmm Good Best of luck.


thank you angie ! for sure I’ll take care of it


thank you rajput wish you all the best too


Best of luck :slight_smile:


@codepanda Adding a video is not a GUARANTEE that you will get a bunck of orders but it will increase the chance of ranking and orders, ok !