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Adding a cancel button to Made by mistake orders


I have an offer to improve both sellers, buyer and fiverr CS experience.

I receive many orders with message like “Oops, i made it by mistake - pleace cancel it” quite often.

It happends when the buyer doesn’t know what he purchased / just clicked on ‘Order now’ by mistake / expected to receive different service.

In order to prevent any of the above scenarios,

My suggestion is to add a “Cancel Order” button just when the buyer purchases an order,

In this way, Seller’s cancellation rate wont be harmed because of mistakes and it’ll reflect seller’s rating more reliably.

Furthermore, there will be no need in using fiverr CS agents to solve cases and it’ll save the buyer’s time as well.

Thank you.


I agree with this idea! I have done it before to another seller unfortunately. Even if they added an “Are you sure you want to order _____?” prompt after the buyer presses the order button it would be helpful.


Reply to @vainpaper:

I think you are absolutely right.

It’ll be excellent for every party using this platform.

We just need to raise awareness about this issue,

So more comments and ideas will be welcomed.


Definitely agree with this, just needs to be a confirmation message so people, particualrly on touchscreen devices, don’t accidentally click on something they don’t want.


I think there should be a accept button. When new order come the seller first contact the buyer before accepting order. In this they can make things clear.