Adding a Gig request on the forum


Good day Fiverr and everyone.

I looked through the forum and didn’t come across a section for buyers to request gigs, only sellers to promote gigs. That would be nice because people will see the request more and it’ll be easier than the actually site. whenever I post request on the fiverr, i rarely get replies but I see this forum has exploded and would give more exposure.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Please Fiverr Please consider this :slight_smile:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.


What kind of gig/service are you looking for?


Reply to @tn5rr2012:

Happy thanks giving!

I’m only hoping for a section for buyers that want to request gigs in the forum. The website gig request isn’t as good.


Reply to @LadyDeville: Happy Thanksgiving to you to and I am following your train of thought now, sounds like a good idea and once the forums open iup anyone can stoll in and they would see the posts


Good idea. Gig Requests section or as @musiclover has said start a post with [Request] :slight_smile:

I guess it can be hard for buyers to find a specific gig in amongst the 1 Million plus gigs out there now…


tru thanks i see that the forum is much livelier now.


I see where you’re coming from, I just think it’ll result in hungry sellers filling up buyers’ inbox with messages even more than they already do. I do agree that the regular request system is horrible though.


Reply to @musiclover: I think if a buyer wants a service and they can’t find it, it would still help because hopefully only sellers with relevant gigs would be messaging the buyer. And buyers would just have to accept that it is a possibility (and highly likely) that they will get lots of messages when requesting a service.

I just had an ah ha moment. Fiverr is just so awesome. There is really no other website like this. There is no way you could talk to support on ebay like we do here, asking for specific features, etc. Fiverr Rocks!


Reply to @lisha5684: That’s true. Buyers could still request services in the forum if they wanted to and actually visit the forum room. They could post a thread saying “[Request] Logo Design Needed” or something similiar. I actually thought about doing that a couple of weeks ago because I needed an wordpress expert. :slight_smile:


Reply to @jeffmoses: 1 million+? Oh how Fiverr has grown. I can’t remember how I came across this site, but I know that day changed my life. :slight_smile:


So I’m still lost - HOW INFACT do I ‘Request’ a ‘GIG’ ? I need a couple of very specific things that are not really covered in 'general Gigs’

Do I ‘Sell’ something? I been a member for months and months but have never been SO LOST!