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Adding a link to Flickr photo gallery?

My gigs require I display my work…I was told a while ago by a member of Fiverr I could add a link to a Flickr photo gallery in the description of my gig…now I am being told when I try to edit the gig that I cannot add an email address to the description…I am NOT adding an email…I am adding a link to a photo gallery! I cannot have only 3 spaces for cards to display in the gig…Why Why Why…does Fiverr make things so hard for sellers? Not to mention the Live photo gallery or whatever that is is so hard to figure out…I have surfed the discussion threads and the FAQ about it and it is not making sense to me…is it where customers can upload pics of the cards they got? I am thoroughly confused and wish this was a simpler system. My question is: Can we add a link to a photo gallery or not?

thank you both…I did try to ad it to the description and it is not shortened…it has the word Flickr in the web link…I will see what I can do tonight when I get back in to play around…:slight_smile:

Fiverr not allowing me to add flickr link : (

Yes , you can , here is the every thing

It’s me : PIYAS24

you are just 5 years late to reply

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Stop resurrecting old threads. You’ve done this with three different topics, the OP already received help, and you’re just copy-pasting answers.