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Adding a tip gig


Has anyone had any luck with add a tip for good work gig? I had a buyer tell me I should make one, and have already gotten tips. Anyone else have success?


yeah. It would be cool to have a tip option just built into the regular gig, but it feel so great to have your buyers tip you, it makes you know that you went over and beyond what they were expecting. I love when I know I did a great job!


I would be ok with a tip option as long as those of us who don’t accept tips can disable the feature.


Why don’t you accept tips? I only added a tip gig because my buyer requested it, I would love to know if there is a con to adding a tip gig. Thank you for your comment!


Some buyers genuinely feel guilty at paying $5 for work worth so much more. It eases their minds tipping a few more dollars, and is always a nice thing to receive as a seller.

I’ve found a lot of buyers come to this site with low expectations (due to the price tags), and if you over-exceed their expectations, they feel like they’ve short changed you.

I do pretty well from my tip Gig, which is nice. Mainly for validation, though the money’s cool.


Yeah, I know that my buyers are thankful at how quickly I respond to them, we don’t just represent ourselves but fiverr and so we want to make sure we are all treating are buyers amazing. And if they want to tip us, I am all for it!


Reply to @luvlealealuv:

In my case accepting tips would just go against my personal business ethics. Tipping is not part of all cultures, so those unfamiliar with the concept might feel pressured to tip if such an option is visible.


Reply to @mgjohn78: Great point!


Everyone needs a tip gig, I have one and sometimes grateful buyers order the gig!