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Adding a video might be the spark you need to keep you warm

A couple of months back I decided to do a quick video for one of my gigs. I read from this forum that it gives you 200% boost in impressions. Well, it didn’t last long but it did give me a boost.
If you haven’t added a video to your gig then give it a try. It’s a small window of opportunity, but it might be enough to give you a couple of orders to get you started.


Shortly after that one of my other gigs got featured. I was a bit dissapointed at first because they picked the wrong gig, but it gave me a pretty decent boost. Now I have the same video on both gigs, let’s see how long it lasts because Featured badge is temporary and I have no idea why it was given :slight_smile:


I know these numbers are nothing compared to PROs or TRS, but this algorithm issue annoyed me enough to make a video. I think it was one of the mods who told me that I should stop crying about the algorithm and do something about it. (Thanks!)


That sounds too harsh to have been me, I bet it was @annai80


I can’t recall and I’m paraphrasing :smiley:


Eoin…Eoin…Eoin. watch out or you will be placed in the MOD-ghty chair.


Don’t worry. Not everyone understands Eoin’s sense of humour! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually making small changes here and there to your profile each week also helps - it tells the system you are active and always looking to improve your service.