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Adding a video to gig doesn't help sales


I added a video to my gig and which fiverr says increases sales and impression, well since I have added the video to my best gig haven’t had more than 1 customer and that was 3 days ago. I had more sales with just a picture rather than a video I think fiverr statistics are totally WRONG.

Also my impressions dropped from adding the video, seems that adding a video has to be only to certain gigs and not graphic design gigs.


i think its the opposite, video’s DO increase gig exposure and thus sales.


I think it only works for certain gigs, because when I had a picture my impressions was 3.8k and now it is 3.6k with the video and I think my video has more detail than my gig photo


I have been too lazy to add a picture, let alone a video. Maybe one of these days, but I was able to get to level 2 without both.


Videos may increase your sales but mine has done the opposite and my video isn’t bad.


I had videos up for a few month and during that time my sales decreased. However my videos had lousy image quality and no speech due to a broken mic (that i noticed after hours of making a script and filming). After removing videos my sales increased.

I still think a good video can increase sales, thus i have been using my limited spare time to work on a new video for one of my gigs for a month now. This time i will stick to what i’m good at when making the video and that is old school animation where each frame is drawn by hand, might get a voice over done as according to a recent fiverr blog post that is allowed now!


Reply to @kjblynx: Generally I think Fiverr is cool - otherwise I wouldn’t stick around, but really, there comes a point when I can’t help but wonder what on the site actually works consistently, if anything at all!


I added a video and sales dropped by 70%. I removed it 2 weeks later and sales started again.


There are all sorts of reasons sales go up and down here. It could just be coincidence with adding or removing videos. The same as with EVERYTHING else on Fiverr, the best you can do is try different things and see what works, and then when it stops working, try something else. :slight_smile: Most importantly, promote your gigs off of Fiverr - the best chance at making consistent sales is to drive your own traffic to your own gigs.