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Adding completed gig work to portfolio after confirmation

Hey, I have a question about completed gig work on my portfolio. So, I am new seller and I need as much portfolio work as I can get of course. Last 3 orders I did click Add to live portfolio button before closing/finishing the order, but today I forgot and I didn’t click it. Can I add finished work now? After order is marked as completed? because I can’t find any button for that now.

Thank you for your help in advance.

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No, you can’t do it after it’s been delivered, but you can edit your gig so that the portfolio option is always on, so you don’t have to edit each delivery manually.

Bear in mind though , your buyer may not want it shown in your portfolio.


My idea about how to expand your portfolio in your gig, is to create one visual containing several small examples of your work.

I made a visual like this with 12 tiny pictures–as the main pic for one of my gigs.


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According to my understanding you can add up to 3 gig display pictures one primary and 2 optional so you can create one image which contains all of your work.Hope it will help you.

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And you can add a further 2 pdf files, which can also be images or text or you get the idea.

Thank you for your answers. :slight_smile: Yes, I knnow I can add multiple images, I was just wondering if I can add completed gig into live portfolio if I forgot to add it when finishing the order. :slight_smile:

Thanks again to all. :wink:

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I only recently subscribed on Fiverr and just finished my first order.
By submitting my delivery yesterday, I didn’t see the option to include my work (3 JPEGs) in my portfolio, nor can I find the option to edit my gig so this happens automatically… Is this because I am a new seller? Or did this change over the past year?
Since I am a new seller, I would very much like to include my deliveries in my portfolio to show potential buyers my work!


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Hi Ana!

You need to make sure the live portfolio is switched on for the gig.

When you deliver, choose one image or video you’d like to appear in your portfolio.

The buyer has to click a check box to say they’re happy for their work to be included in your portfolio - if they don’t click it, it won’t be.

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Thanks for the quick reply!
Where do I switch on my live portfolio?
Can I still include the image from my previous gig? (given that the buyer agrees)

If you look in ‘gigs’ and click on the drop-down at the right of the gig row, you’ll find a box to tick for ‘live portfolio’. You’lll find it’s switched on automatically. The buyer has to agree when they accept the delivery - they can’t be added retrospectively I’m afraid. :sunny:

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Same thing happened with me… I forgot to add my delivered work to my portfolio… Just checked and confirmed the live portfolio button is ticked or not… Thanks for asking this question and let us aware about it… :slight_smile: