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Adding extras doesn't add additional days to the delivery time

Hello there

Why there’s no addiitonal day of delivery time is added when buyer ordered multiple extras. My work policy stated that every additional figure will add an additional delivery time. However, when the buyer placed multiple figures more than one, it doesn’t add to the delivery time and it stuck with one day.

If you see from the picture, 7 additional figures are supposed to add to 7 additional delivery days, but in the order system, it only put 1 delivery day.

I don’t mind if the buyer doesn’t aware with it and I can just update the order to accommodate the extra delivery time, however there is circumstance of a certain buyer abusing this feature like as mentioned and refused to update the order.


Can you some how modify your gig extras?

I can do that as a proofreader, but maybe my gigs are set up differently.

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Ahh I see, this may works, however I think there’s a limit on how many I can do so. Also it will take space from other custom extras I’ve provided (like adding colouring, background, source files etc.). Thank you for the tips.


Bummer. I can only add up to 6 extras. I have other 2 custom extras, so I can only add up to 4 additional figures. Well, it’s okay then, better than nothing.


Why not
one extra 1 extra figure +1 day
second extra 2 extra figures +2 day
third 4 extra figures + 4 days
forth 8 extra figures + 8 days

and then for all the in between have them order by custom offer.

The problem is most sellers ignore that when it is written in your gig description.

So, this buyer ignores the seller and places large orders due in a short time.

Another solution is to add time to your basic delivery time. I do nothing in less than 2 days except for very small orders.


I just did that yesterday. I updated all my GIGs to have 3-5- even 10 days delivery on things I deliver in one day, just so I can have extra room in case of “those kind” of clients.

Plus, if they do not like your delivery time, they willl contact you for a custom offer and then you are in control.

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This is my quick sketch gigs, I purposely make it a ‘pick-n-go’ style for people who want just a quick sketch of their portraits. My other normal gigs have minimum of 3 days delivery time. But yeah, some client managed to find the loopholes and decided to abuse it.

Actually I’ve been telling this client to always contact me beforehand if he/she want to place a bulk orders. It’s been a multiple occassions already and yet he/she still ignoring my request. I guess this will be the last round as I will block him/her after this order.


Then your client is very disrespectful. Have you considered that they are a reseller?

I would!


They are definitely reseller 100%. I don’t mind reseller as long we have mutual respect on how we deal with each other, but this one in particular is really ticking my nerve.

I agree.

They are taking advantage of you. It may be good to put added time on your gigs if for nothing else but to shock them before you block them. It would be interesting to see if they reacted.

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I wonder what kind of bugs fiverr has that only favours the buyer.