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Adding FAQ's and My Whole Draft is Gone! (Twice)



I’m working with a draft and just because there was a problem with a field…i’ve lost everything
that i was editing.

Ok, i did at again for the second time…now i’ve saved the draft on every single change (guessing
that my work will be safe is something went wrong). I was wrong…

What happened:

I went to add some FAQ’s and seems that one of them had more characters than those
that were permitted and bam…an error raised and my gig started from zero!!

Lost the packages and everything.

Please fix it guys…add more protection to our work because it’s very frustrating.


This has happened me a number of times with gigs, messages and order communications.
Sometimes using the back button can bring it back but I suggest writing everything in a text file and then copy/pasting it rather than writing it directly on Fiverr.


Thanks eoinfinnegan. I appreciate your tip but this is basic coding stuff.

They need to check their validation system. When you move to the next step…

  1. your past job has to be ----> Saved, and

  2. the one that doesn’t pass the validations should be retrieved again so you can
    fix it.

I’m a developer so i know that there’s no magic here and as this is,
things like these frankly can’t happen.


As this is, things like this frankly DO happen :slight_smile:
My point was more for handling it while it is not fixed, fully agree that it seems basic enough and should be fixed.