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Adding fiverr to work experience?

This might seem like an odd question, but I’m a younger guy looking for my first real job. This has been incredibly hard even with entry level jobs while having no prior work experience.

Is there any way I could work in my experience on fiverr into my job applications where I’d be asked about my previous jobs and employment? Or would that be a no-no

My best friend uses her Fiverr experience on her CV I believe!

That’s all great information. Would it make sense or be possible to add onto an entry level job application? In the typical “previous employer”, “position”, sort of deal?

I’m sure I could put Fiverr in my experience but technically I’m not employed by fiverr… So how would I include my free lance work I’ve done through here?

I would list it as “Freelance” work and in the description explain that you provide a service via the internet and the list how long you’ve been doing and for how many clients, etc. That can look very impressive to a potential employer because it shows you have initiative and can work independently.

Just my take.

Interesting, so I could probably put something like “Freelance - photography” or "self employed - Social Media Marketing"

What about dates employed? That’s usually asked too…

For dates employed I would just list the dates you do/did it. If it’s a service you still provide, put that on there and note in the description that is something you still currently do but it is part time. If it is something you no longer do then just put the dates you provided the service.

Reply to @phototmblrpromo: I can help you out with your CV if you’d like. It’ll be nearly impossible to get an entry level job UNLESS you embellish the truth a bit. Adding fiverr outright would make you look unprofessional. You need to refer to what you do on here as freelance work, but the people checking your references won’t consider your customers on here as professional references FYI.