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Adding Funds To My Fiverr Account [ARCHIVED]

Good day Fiverr,

I just wish to say, I will not buy another Gig unless I’m allowed to add funds to my account. I do not like paying $5 over and again through Paypal. Bank keeps calling me if I made the payment of $5 through Paypal. In some countries, it is a security measure that banks have to take when anyone makes a transaction through Paypal. Now, if I make one single transaction of $100, it is much convenient rather than making 20 transactions.

I will not buy another gig unless I’m allowed to add funds to my account. Thanks.


I can’t find any way to uload funds to my fiverr account from paypal . Why please give me the right solution . I did upload past time but now i can’t do this why?

This really is a bad policy/setup to not allow people to do this. In my case I work with my partner and he gets tired of getting emails from paypal over and over for my purchases. Also it would be faster and easier to get impulsive sales (easy for $5 products) I cannot see any reason why this doesn’t cost fiverr a lot of sales, perhaps there is an important reason they do it this way that i dont know of but very similar services allow this so i dont see why they cant. I would probably spend 10x more money if they allowed this. Many sites do, its not as if this would be a non-standard practice. It doesn’t even add any noticeable complexity to the check out.

A> Buy now with paypal

B> Buy with your credits

B> add credits to your account

This is why I use another service that is very similar to fiverr. I just don’t get it, and its a shame because I would like to use the services more. Anyway, I’m not a seller so I’m probably going to go do what adkaush said others do because this seems like the only way around this silly policy to make my life easier and if it makes sellers harder thats to bad and they can blame fiverr, if they ban me I dont care. Actually I just did some math. I have spent over $550 with a competitor (who is inferior in a lot of ways) and $20 with fiverr in the last 6 months. This would be the other way around if they offered a way for me to pre-load funds.

I really wish to ask the moderators here, why is it so tough to allow people to add funds? Am I asking for something out of the way?


hi Kjblynx, I’m not sure why they wouldn’t allow. I buy services on SEOClerks too and they have a system to allow people to add funds to their account. By the way, Paypal isn’t the only service on the internet that allows adding funds. There are many other service that would, unless Fiverr has some sort of affiliation with Paypal :slight_smile:

Oh well, I’ll pull out my credit card only when Fiverr allows adding funds. Getting back into my cave now.

That was [REMOVED] … not fraggles rock … Didn’t know the word was banned here :smiley:

So my only option is to signup for a gig that costs $100 and then cancel the deal so that $100 gets added to my Fiverr account. And then I can buy 20 gigs without looking at the boring Paypal screen and without getting bugged by my bank. That’s smart, that’s some art! Think I’m gonna do a video, “Ooooh how much I love … Ooooh yeaah” lol … It’s funny … the whole thing :smiley:

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Thankyou kjblynx for answering my questions, appreciate listening to my rant too lol … I’ll checkout your gigs … Love ya :slight_smile:

I really do not wish to do that but the “funny thing” I referred to earlier is, people are openly talking about doing this stuff. And, funnier thing is, Fiverr accepts this sort of stupidity.

By the way, they say that it won’t harm sellers’ reputation because you cancel the order just after making the payment. It would only affect a seller’s reputation if you order a gig and cancel during the delivery time. And that’s an official reply from Fiverr staff. I read it right here somewhere, a little search and you can find the discussion …

Ok, well, these are the reasons why I will go back to SEO … errrr Fraggles Rock and add funds in my account and have someone do the work for me. I’d hate to ruin anyone’s success/cancelation ratio. When Fiverr really improves on the two most important elements: quality and ease-of-use, I’ll pull out my wallet. So, in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s style, “I’ll be back” walks out of the room

how can i Add my Skrill Account to Fiverr ??

We definitely need this feature.

Why transfer 5$ over and over? Wouldnt it be easier to just transfer 100$ to your paypal account and then just use your paypal balance when purchasing gigs.

hi guys i am going to use first time .

i didnt find any option how to add credit to my fiverr account.

how to pay if you buy few gigs ?

I just made a $100 purchase and cancelled instantly, and it worked like a charm. Got a little bit of pleading from the seller trying to tell me it harms his rating for buying $100 item, and then cancelling, but he gave in after a couple messages and refunded the money. Not happy I have to do that to sellers, but thats the way the cookie crumbles.

At least now when i do it it will not harm the seller based on this new policy…

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Fiverr is leaving a lot of money on the table not letting us fund an account - and then spend from that account. I used to love buying gigs here but the constant jumping to Paypal for $5 is far too much friction.

Especially when you consider that anyone using a credit card through Paypal has to go through that stupid “Change Funding Source” to select their VISA every single time (because Paypal doesn’t make as much money when we all use credit cards so you can’t set your VISA as a default payment source)

So now there is double friction: can’t fund your Fiverr account AND have to jump through Paypal credit card hoops.

Maybe we could add a fire breathing dragon somewhere in the process and make it even harder and more time consuming?

It’s not like it isn’t possible. The guys over at Envato pull this off like five-star champions. You can fund your Envato account and the funds just sit there waiting for you to spend them. Not only that but Envato is like a network of 10 sites or something. Hell if they can pull it off I don’t see why the Fiverr devs can’t.

Until that point, I’ll use Fiverr grudginlg and only when I have to - and I’m sure there are hundreds of people who would be happy to spend more money here … but don’t because it’s hassle to do so.

Want more of our money? Make it easy for us to spend it. We love you, just not the process.

Absolutely hilarious. I can’t put funds directly into Fiverr so I guess I have to use PayPal. I don’t want to link my bank account to PayPal so I have to use Green Dot. I check online and see that Green Dot cards are sold at CVS. I Drive to CVS to buy a Green Dot card to put money in my paypal account so that I can pay for gigs on Fiverr and I find out that you can’t buy a Green Dot card with a debit card. Cash only. Layers of electronic fund transfer lead to cash being the only way that I can buy more gigs. I’m done. I’m literally typing this message in the CVS parking lot.

I love Fiverr but I’ve run out of patience trying to give my money to them. I’ll find someone else to design my business card or better yet, I’ll go ahead and buy the full Creative Suite. Just pathetic.

It’s a huge source of revenue that Fiverr is missing. There will be tons of people that put money in their accounts and then forget about it. Fiverr will be able to take interest on this money until eternity.

Can i use paypal balance in my Fiverr account.Because there has no option please tell me.

Reply to @linkonkhan: taken from Fiverr ToS:

If you have funds in your account balance, it will be automatically applied to your next purchase, but only in the event that your balance covers the entire purchase amount.