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Adding Funds to your Account

How can you add any funds to your account? I tried to find an option and so far did not succeed in it. Is it possible at all?

Why you want to add funds to your account? You can always pay with paypal for a gig.

I think that there should be an option to add funds to your account but unfortunately there is not one.

Because I had a refund of $5 and I thought that they will charge me $5.50 and wasn’t sure if $0.50 is going to be charged from my PayPal account or a whole $5.50, they charged me only $5.00 and now it’s fine. This option would add flexibility, but as long as they handle it neatly, I don’t mind using PayPal every time :slight_smile:

They charge 10% on each transaction you made from paypal. But they don’t charge from fiverr balance. When I was going to purchase a gig from my fiverr earning, I thought they would charge 10% from it also But they didn’t :slight_smile:

Ah, that explains it. Thanks

Fiverr don’t own Wallet that’s all.