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Adding gender option to bio

It’s because there are too many buyers said I’m a ‘she’ already, eg: “She is so talented!”
Not cool.

No - just no please. :slightly_smiling_face:

i can understand where you’re coming from, but it shouldn’t make any difference to buyers what gender their seller is.


How about it have the option to show our gender or not, will that better?

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Possibly, but there are still the funny folks who would go looking for female sellers for ‘other reasons’. :wink:


Plus not everyone identifies as male or female, so more than two options would have to be added, and you can guess the trouble that might happen after that.


And what’s to stop the guys that are already pretending to be attractive women sellers (because they think attractive women get more sales) from selecting female as a gender option on their bio?

Allowing people to select and display their gender isn’t going to fix anything.

Besides, we are freelancers here. Gender does not determine anyone’s ability to be a great seller.


Wow, now it look like gender is a failed invention by god? I didn’t expect this can get so controversial. :pensive: just want to be clear to my buyer though. Ok, sorry for the ‘suggestion’. Close this topic mod please.

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Maybe you could put something in your delivery note about being a chap if it’s worrying you, so that it’s specific to what you want your buyers to know?


Closed at OP’s request.

PS. Get some visible facial hair man, it is 99% a male thing.