Adding gig Extras in Buyer Request Offers


When i add a gig extra to my offer in Buyer Requests, is the price i set for that extra in the original gig going to be added to my offer? Or will it be included in my offered price? I’m asking mainly because when i add an extra, it doesn’t show me a price change. Being a newbie on this site, I don’t like to do something unless i’m 100% sure how it works

For example; i have a “social media kit” extra for $10. I am offering $10 for my service but I also think the potential buyer would be interested in a social media kit. If i click the checkbox for my social media kit extra, will that $10 automatically be added if the buyer chooses the extra or will it just be included in the $10 for the whole offer? Essentially, will it be $10 or $20 with the extra added.

Hopefully this makes sense. I would just like to know before i proceed with offers.

thank you for any response!


I’ve been wondering, too. So I’m just going to write something to bump this a little.
Fiverr’s UI and wording here could use some work.