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Adding Gig Extras to multiple orders


I have a customer that would like to purchase 5 of my gigs including gig extras on all the orders. But the customer is saying that when they try to do that that they have to purchase 1 at a time with gig extras. Anyone know how you can order all 5 at the same time WITH gig extras?


As far as I know this is a flaw in the system. Your customer is right; to order all 5 with gig extras he/she has to order one at a time. It’s annoying, I know! I often arrange it with my buyers to buy the other extras on my gig to add up to the amount instead of having to order one by one; it’s a temporary work around for some of my regular buyers.


ok… thank you for your quick answer.


No problem. I’d logged on just after you posted :slight_smile: