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Adding gig video is really helpful?

Hello, I want to create some new gigs and I want to add a gig video instead of a gig image I never use these tools, so I want to know is it really beneficial for gig ranking? and what will be your suggestion for me to create a gig video.I am a WordPress expert, Thank you


Gig success is not a simple do this and you’ll be great. Drop that idea like the stinky brussel sprout that it always was.

Video can be one tool in helping get you there (or in making you look terrible). This all depends on your buyer, their expectations, and your ability to meet those with a video.

Really pay attention to Fiverr’s Video limits as they are very severe both in time and in data size so I found I had to compress and shrink terribly to make anything fit. Not a major drama if you do simple things but if it is a more complex thing where audio & video should show you at your best, put the video on YouTube and link to it.



Can you tell me a little bit? how can I get my first job

I personally think that a video makes no difference in a gig

If you can showcase your works properly in your gig video then it would give you a little bit of a benefit.


How can I add my YouTube video to the gig?

Umm, just hit the Share button under the video on YouTube and Paste that link into the Gig text.

Good to let people know what is on the other end of that link so they know what to expect and why they might want to make the click