Adding Images to Gig, whats the Add PDF File?


I have seen that I can add a PDF File along with Images when creating or Modifying a Gig. I searched FAQ for answers but fond nothing. Is there a Fiverr Page on requirements, Content and how I go about adding a PDF? I’m guessing its to expend on the Gig Offer, maybe more Photos and text to get more sales?

Thanks in Advance

Ken Russell



PDF files usually show your work as a whole or partial. such as book examples, or something along that nature that a picture just wont cover.

It also gives an example to someone if you offer delivery in PDF formatting.


I’d suggest you just try adding a PDF. If it doesn’t work, there’s at least a chance a pop-up will tell you what’s wrong with it, e.g., size. If it does work, but your ‘test’ PDF isn’t something you want on display, just remove it. Good luck!