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Adding languages, skills and qualifications

Ok another issue i’ve been having (but havent yet tried chrome - just edge) - has been adding new languages and skills.

Whenever i write a new language and/or skill, the predictive text kicks in but puts the input at the start, so quick typing effectively overwrites all i have written. So if i work through it slowly, select the language and skill level - it wont let me add it to my profile (see attachment).

Has anyone had this issue?? like i said im running through Edge

Hi, I have the same exact issue. It won’t let me add anything to my profile for that reason. I also can’t add Gig Titles because of the red box/lines. I’ve tried everything. I ran it on chrome and on firefox as well as edge. Hopee someone has an answer to our shared problem.

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I hope so too, while I prefer to let my work speak for itself it really helps to have the qualifications and languages there with me.

I’m having this problem too and I have tried it on IE and Firefox. I am running windows 7.
I can’t change my English from basic to native and I can’t set my education either.