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Adding links to other gigs


Hi there, I have had one of my gigs paused and I have to review it simply because I created a google url shortner link to another one of my gigs here on fiver. What other way can I do this on here. I was simply stating to customers to use another of my gigs if they needed something specific in the gig description. I have noticed others have done this, but mine was flagged.


Don’t use a shortener - just link to it, or your profile, directly.


But the link is large and looks messy. Oh well I will have to do that then. Thanks again


A URL shortener might also be used to refer potential clients to a website outside of Fiverr or to some website installing nasty software or whatever.


Thank you, yes I do understand, just wanted a neat link that was all.


Would be good if fiverr had some sort of link builder so you could easily send customers to other fiverr gigs


Use the Fiverr gig sharing links. They are pretty short and tidy.
You can get the links from here(in case you don’t know) :


But these only share to social media, I mean for exmple in one of my gigs I try to guide customers toward one of my other gigs on fiverr in the description for the gig as I have many customers ordering something through one gig rather that another gig that is best suited for their needs.


@taverr is correct.

-> Simply right click on the FB icon,
-> Copy the link

It will be short and tidy for e.g:
(Actual link edited to abide by Forum Guidelines)


Cool thank you for that :slight_smile: